An Ode to Dash-Charge

An Ode to Dash-Charge

Battery Anxiety: Low charge on smartphone leading to irrational behaviour

Dear Tech Travel Geeks readers,

A few years ago LG stated that a significant number of smartphone users start getting very twitchy when the charge on their phones is low. This is not surprising, as a species it seems we are addicted to our smartphones, and would have difficulty if our phones were to die.

Some may think of this just as FOMO (fear of missing out): not being able to check messages, phone calls, social media etc etc. Also genuinely useful things like using Google Maps for Sat-Nav and directions or if your smartphone is your primary camera (like mine is to me),

Manufacturers have attempted to address this issue using different methodologies. Originally we had removable batteries. That sadly was one of the causes of poor build quality and industrial design (the Samsung Galaxy S5 fake leather plastic back for example, or the LG G5 modular metal). Then, as smartphones became more capable and important in our lives BIG batteries started being more common: 4000 mAh and then even 5000 mAh batteries started coming up. This in turn has caused its own problems (Do you remember the Samsung Note 7 issues?). Some manufacturers started also working on added software optimisations (like Huawei with its EMUI Android softwarre).

Chipset and component manufacturers also worked on physical solutions like quick charging solutions. Qualcomm has Quick charge for example (now up to version 4).

My personal preference is for OnePlus’ solution: Dash Charge. Even after having got through four separate OnePlus devices (3, 5, 5T, 6), the SPEED with which it charges is amazing. Put your phone in at 1%, 30min later you can be at over half a full battery. THAT kind of speed.

The way OnePlus do it is proprietary, yes they have a large amp plug, but there’s software optimisations in OxygenOS and most importantly, some complicated electrickery stuff in the cable. If you attach a normal USB A to C cable into the plug, yes you’ll get fast charging, but not Dash Charge-speed.

In this era of £1000 phones which often have very average battery life (looking at you iPhone eKs), Dash Charge is simply great. I always travel with my Dash Charger, and sadly need to say no to iPhone users who ask to borrow my cable (it won’t work).

Yours truly,

Tech Travel Geeks Emily

(Also Known As Majid)

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