Matteo - Chief Mobile Opinionist (CMO)

Welcome to Tech Travel Geeks, our blog and review site for all things tech and travel related.

I'm Matteo "Mockodile" Doni, the Chief Mobile Opinionist (CMO) here. I'll be working with Lukasz to bring you news, reviews and opinions on things which can make the experience of travel better.

My day job is as a Technical Account Manager at Skyscanner, the metasearch engine for flights, hotels and car hire. I'm a tech enthusiast and self described Android geek who loves to travel and take lots of pictures with mobile devices.

I'm also Chief Pixel Density Enthusiast (CPDE) at, where I look after the Coolsmartphone Podcast.

I really like travelling and where convenient will choose to fly with my favourite SkyTeam airline: KLM. As a result, I can often be found in the Crown Lounge in Amsterdam Airport Schiphol or at a checkout with a few boxes of stroopwaffels and some tasty cheese.

When not travelling, I am based in Edinburgh in the UK. Here I live with my partner Candice and our two rescue cats Vala and Rodney. Be warned, I tend to add pictures of our cats to most content I create. Cats are always an excellent subject when taking pictures with mobile devices, aren't they?

I'll leave the history of how Tech Travel Geeks was formed to Lukasz, who I'm sure can explain it better than I can.

Oh, I almost forgot to mention that I am also a world renowned mockodile expert. Keep your mobile devices safe folks, preferably in a premium mockodile case.

You can follow me here on and numerous social media sites such as Twitter (@todoleo), Instagram (@todoleo) and YouTube (Todoleo)



Lukasz - Chief Aperture Officer (CAO)

Hi there, my name is Lukasz, and welcome to Tech Travel Geeks!

By day, I'm a Technical Account Manager at Skyscanner, working alongside Matteo "Mockodile" Doni. By night, well, I'm a huge tech enthusiast. I became a techie in early childhood, when I got the 8-bit Atari 65XE for Christmas. I also got into mobiles phones, starting with the indestructible Nokia 3310, through various Sony Ericssons and Nokia's Symbian phones, up to the n85. Everything changed for me in 2010, with the release of the original HTC Desire (aka Bravo). I've been an avid Android user ever since. You can usually see me using HTC or Samsung phones. As of writing, I'm rocking the Samsung Galaxy S9+, which we recently unboxed.

Currently, I spend a lot of my time and energy on videography and video editing. If you see me around, ask me about my favourite cameras or lenses - I can talk about gear for hours. I started off filming guitar covers (my other passion) and travel videos (more on that in a moment). After a few chats with Matteo by the water cooler, I started helping him with his phone videos for his other project, Initially, the videos were filmed on smartphones, with little or no editing, but we soon upped the production values and started to film the videos properly. After few more videos and chats, we decided to start our own project, combining tech, travel, and some geekery, which is how Tech Travel Geeks was born. 

Finally, travel. I love visiting new places, meeting different people, learning about their cultures, stories, way of living. I always try to go somewhere I've never been, with a dream of once visiting all the countries in the world. While I'm writing this, I'm preparing to cross out my true "bucket list" goal - to travel around the world in 42 days. Follow me on Youtube (@susell), and Instagram (@lukaszsuliga) if you would like to experience this trip with me. I'm taking just the hand luggage with me, but it will be filled with tech focused on content creation, so expect Tech Travel Geeks videos and articles with advice on how to make best use of technology when travelling.

Majid Shaikh - The Gasman

Hi I am a Medical Doctor working as an Anaesthetist in the UK. I feel I am an atypical British tech guy. Partly because of the mixture of backgrounds I’m from (long story), but also in that I’m not actively employed in the tech industry. I’m not a coder, sysadmin, or web developer. I am however a typical geek. Ever since the Amstrad and Amiga early days, to be one of the first generation of Androidians (HTC Hero 2009 FTW) and to the myriad of devices I have bought/used/sold over the years. I have been searching for the perfect phone, laptop and tablet…..and I will attempt to share my search journey with you here on .

I have been podcasting my love of technology, android, linux etc for the last few years over at with Matteo. Outside circumstances have prevented significant travel for me for the last couple of years (outside of Europe). Now I’m back with a vengeance. My trips as relative a beginner at travelling will hopefully make my views worthwhile.

You can follow me on @TheMajeedo on Twitter and Instagram